bear with me here

decipher psychology

a human being is an infinite divine agent,

and the set of all entities

both divine and mundane,

is an infinite human epistles

first we think about The Criterion Channel and how it's the only reliable site for Kiyoshi Kurosawa and David Lynch movies.

and then we think about MUBI's horrible buffering cancelling out its amazing selection of films.

and then we think about how there aren't any truly good movies set on islands except for the Rose Island documentary on Netflix.

and then we think about Peacock completely blocking Linux users from using their site without a virtual machine.

and then we think about Tubi and Plex and how they're God's favorite streaming services.

and then we think about people lambasting Hideo Kojima for his long cutscenes even though he originally wanted to be a film director.

and then we think about the decreasing levels of creativity in the film industry in recent years.

and then we think about how each Marvel movie is guaranteed to make at least 500 million dollars in revenue despite being Redditor pig feed.

and then we are hunted down by Quentin Tarantino's secret agents for some currently unknown reason.

and then we tell the readers of this surreal absurdist website to play Suda51's abstract masterwork Flower, Sun, and Rain for the Nintendo DS.